Dear EasySite user,

Like with anything we build at Advantix, there's a motive behind it. The EasySite was built to allow our customers to manage their own websites while we built great products such as AddBook and SignBase.

That didn't work and we ended up making changes on a system that for us, was slow and inefficient.

We launched EasySite in February of 2010 and after close on three years it's time to shut it down. If you already have a site that you want to edit - don't worry, your stuff is still safe and you can log in here.

We'll also be relinguishing support on any EasySite websites. We do have a package you can switch to which will give you all the functionality you have now, and more. Contact us if this is something you're looking to do.

For anyone after a new website, you can check out our main company website and see if our custom approach works for you. If not, there are plenty of options.

Thank you to everyone who used EasySite and gave us feedback.

We hope you'll stick with us as we continue to build awesome products that make your life easier.

All the best

Adam Hempenstall - Founder of Advantix